Computer Audio





It's 2014. Audio has moved on.    

So you've ripped your CD library.

Maybe you learned the hard way not to trust automated rippers - bad tags, wonky artwork, inaccessible files, incompatible or compressed formats. Maybe that's to come. But hopefully you now manually unbundle newly purchased CDs with the aid of a keyboard and mouse. Properly.

Likely you buy much of your music online; perhaps your music is all in the cloud - streamed viaSpotify, Qobuz or iPlayer. Probably your current player doesn't play everything you'd like it to. Perhaps there are great sources of music out there you don't yet know you need.

Maybe you've dicovered by trial and error that computers, servers, streamers and even USB cables don't all sound the same. Certainly you will have realised that sound quality – though hugely important – is only as important as the user interface: getting around your library, compiling playlists and painlessly accessing what you want to hear when you want to hear it.

We've finally seen the rise of better-than-CD formats - widespread high-res downloads, ripped SACDs, DSD-capable DACs. News is filtering through that upsampling to DSD with a suitable DAC is the best way to play everything from MP3s to studio masters.

In the past decade, we've gone on a short ride in a fast machine. It's been fun.

What we need in this fast-moving, post-unbundled world are open-ended players that support all current - and future - formats.

Some of us want inexpensive, desirable devices to suit our lifestyles and living rooms. Some seek the ultimate in low-noise, low-jitter transports for their dedicated listening rooms. Some want a bit of both.

We've therefore drawn on more than a decade of designing and making pace-setting computer audio products to bring you three devices precision-targeted to appeal to all breeds of music lover.

The P-Zero and T-Zero are beautiful objects that happen to play music. They also incorporate fully-functional web browsers, photo display software, video players and much more. They can supplement or supplant Sonos or LMS/Squeezebox systems. They are Airplay receivers. They receive Qobuz, Spotify or iPlayer streams. They talk to your network-attached storage. They are controlled by your phone or tablet. And they start at just £199.

The P1 is the ultimate universal player - featuring a DSD-capable DAC, high-quality headphone amplifier, up to 12Tb of storage for your audio and video. Audiophile components throughout include hard-wired analog interconnects, ultra low-noise power supplies and even filters for SATA devices. No other machine at this price currently offers such a specification. Compare for yourself . . .

Finally, the T1 represents the culmination of ten years' research into making computers that don't sound like computers. If you're looking for the most transparent and musical sounding transport for your DAC, look no further. The standard model is designed for direct connection via USB, with power supply options (including LiFePo batteries.) for critical stages, External SPDIF converters also work superbly with the T1 to extend support to legacy devices without, or with sub-standard, USB input.



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